Club Infomation


香港葵涌扶輪社自一九八四年在母社-荃灣扶輪社的大力支持下,由創社社長 梅應春 先生正式成立。 成立至今,本一直本著扶輪精神為依歸的服務精神,致力服  務社區關懷社群並致力鼓勵及孵育年青一投入社會和回饋社會。宗旨為增進社區內各服務團體及專業領袖之間的聯誼與暸解,提高改善社區的服務,提高各行業的專業標準,以及促進國際暸解,親善與和平,關懷他人「服務之理念」。除了為本社區服務之外本社亦參與不少國際性的慈善服務為了加強聯系本社與菲律賓馬卡提東(Makati East, Philippines)建立姐妹社。在這30多年來雙方進行周年互訪以及一同參與了不少社區及職業的服務工作。




Rotary Club of Kwai Chung (RCKC) in Hong Kong was established by the Club Founder and Charter President, Mr. Robert Mui in 1984 with the support of its mother Club - Rotary Club of Tsuen Wan. Since its establishment, the Club is committed to promoting the spirit of Rotary in mind, encouraging and incubating the next generation of society. The Club aims to enhance friendship and understanding between business and professional leaders, enhance improving community efforts, enhance business and professional standards, promote international understanding, goodwill and peace, caring for others and "service concept " of helping others in the community. In addition to community services, the Club also joins many international charity services. In order to strengthen the communication, RCKC has established sister club with the Rotary Club of Makati East, Philippines. In the last 30 years, both sides carried on the annual visits and participated in many community and vocational services together.

The Club consists of members from every business sector and professional personnel in the community, including the legal profession, medical profession, design profession, construction industry, business, and accounting profession and so on. It is not exhaustive. Members are holding a caring community, contributing to the community heart to start. Within a short 39 years, RCKC incubated Rotaract Club of Kwai Chung and established a Hope Primary School in Zhao Qing Tai Mong District. It is hope that the little seeds can
 cultivate a more outstanding next generationand let them grow healthy and strong.